Great Example Of A Dating Profile For Women… This Is How It’s Done

If you’ve been getting nowhere with your personals, you need a good example of a dating profile for women to show you how to do it right. An online dating profile is different from personal ads because it’s a mixture of your social networking and dating information. Find the balance between facts and write them as if you’re talking to an actual person on a first date.

The ‘About Me’ Section

This part is like an essay about how great you are. Be confident without sounding weird or cocky. A great example of a dating profile for women highlights travels, special skills, sprinkled with general facts.


Name: Michelle

Age: Late 30′s, single mother to two kids aged 5 and 7

‘About Me’:

“I’m a hardworking single mother who loves books, art and Japanese movies. On weekends I like to explore antique shops for vintage stuff to decorate our home. If you are interested in similar things, email me.”


Completely boring! She’s already established that she’s a single mother, but we don’t really need to go into too much detail. She needs to focus more on what’s interesting (what’s the best or weirdest vintage stuff she found?), or if she has anything else like a special talent. Something like:

“I like the classics – they never go out of style. I’m a vintage/antique lover with 2 kids who loves to look for “treasure” in hard to find shops on weekends. Meanwhile, my work takes me to different counties looking for the best staplers around – I’m an office manager. What’s your favorite stuff like? Let’s talk.”

The ‘About My Perfect Match/Who I’m looking for’ Section

This is where you narrow down the dating market – choose your words carefully. Look at the normal example of a dating profile for women below:


“I don’t like cleaning up so don’t expect me to clean up after you! I like guys who are neat and can do the dishes when asked. I go for guys who are stable, with good manners and have a decent car. If you have all of these, I’ll be happy to cook for you sometime. ”


Okay, this profile is a case of “too much, too soon.” You don’t want to scare men away by saying negative things. This sounds better:

“I’m looking for a decent guy who’s already got something going with his life – has gone different places and worked in a few. Someone who isn’t afraid of the dishwasher would be nice too :) We could swap war stories about the road and see how far it goes. Can’t wait to hear from you. ”

You know you have a great example of a dating profile for women if you put your best face forward but still sound fun. Be light and easy. Imagine meeting someone for the first time in person, what would you say? Be confident about yourself and the things that you’ve done – you’ll never go dateless again.

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